Android Studio

AndroidWednesday, 15.05 2013. Google announce new development studio for Android mobile application. After long support for Eclipse there new era for developers. Android studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA. Google integrated ADT (Android developer tools) for development and debugging as well as it was in Eclipse. You can download Android Studio here on website.

Where to download Android Studio?

Android studio v0.1 is available for three platforms:

  • Windows – You can download early version v0.1 here.
  • Mac OS X – You can download early version v0.1 here.
  • Linux – You can download early version v0.1 here.

According Android web page Android Studio is still available as early access preview version. Not everything is working. Some function were not be implemented yet. So if you are not comfortable to use product, which is not finished, just use ADT bundle for Eclipse.

Enjoy new testing and developing on Android Studio.

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