How did DoJo impress me?

Dojo toolkit logoI tried to find great library for writing an mobile gis web application. First option was Google Closure, just because I worked with OpenLayers library before, and new generation of OpenLayers – version 3 – is going to be written with Google Closure library. Because of lack documentation, tutorials, books on this topic, I searched more. I found it! DoJo toolkit.

I like basically these things:

  • Its modularity – JavaScript was a big chaos for me, I like system, Dojo offers it
  • AMD – Asynchronous module definition pattern, basically since version 1.7
  • Its graphic, charting and visualization tools (GFX)
  • extension to OpenLayers library
  • Mobile support and its HTML5 JavaScript framework, see the showcase
  • A lot of stuff for web desktop development, see here.

So. What do you think? Is it good option?

According my opinion: Absolutely! It is not only library, it is a toolkit. I found everything what I needed in DoJo.

Please tell what you think