EPSG: 900913

What’s that? What is EPSG: 900913? Do not worry, it is just a coordinate system, I would say, widely use. It is just WGS 84 Web Mercator. It is used by major internet map providers as:

  • Google maps
  • Bing maps
  • OpenStreet maps

It is coordinate system with high numbers. It is x/y axis coordinate system. It is EPSG:900913!


JavaScript. pattern and antipattern

foto: artbackwash.blogspot.com
foto: artbackwash.blogspot.com

I am reading great article, or I should say book. It is called Essential JavaScript design pattern. I learnt great stuff about how to write code. Currently, I am working on project, where I need to know little bit more about JavaScript.

JavaScript Pattern

In everyday life we have a patterns for most of things. We know how to brush our teeth. We know how to shower (hopefully), we know how to clean the dishes, and so on, and so on. It is possible that a lot of people have different way doing those things, but most people have their way doing things. Every time they do it, it is done same way. More

OpenLayers tutorial 1 – beginner

Mapa OpenLayersIn this first OpenLayers tutorial you will learn how to use basic Google, Bing, or OpenStreet base-layer. OpenLayers are Javascript libraries for visualizing maps on the website. In first post in a topic OpenLayers I wrote a few words about OpenLayers platform. More

OpenLayers format

OpenLayersWhat is OpenLayers?

OpenLayers are Open Source JavaScript libraries for put a dynamic map into any web page. It is possible to display map tiles, markers loaded from different sources. Let’s try some great and easy stuff with it. More