Manual installation of JDK 1.7 on UBUNTU 12.04 LTS

OpenJKD6GeneologyI’ve messed up my old Linux Mint distribution installation, so I decided for a little change. I installed long term stable version of Ubuntu 12.04. I found out, that for a Java developer, there is a little problem, only a little problem ūüėČ

OpenJDK in Ubuntu

Because of licencing issues and other reasons Ubuntu decided to choose open source version of JDK7. OpenJDK was basically originally based on Sun (resp. Oracle) JDK7 b10. More

Thoughts on design patterns

Design patterns are like a wheel

Reinventing the wheel

Just imagine. You are scientist, and you want to develope something special Рsomething amazing, great. Whole world will remember you! The world will not be the same as it was before, because of your discovery. Imagine that feeling. You are the reason, your thought change it More

Android Studio

AndroidWednesday, 15.05 2013. Google announce new development studio for Android mobile application. After long support for Eclipse there new era for developers. More