Links and Resources on JavaScript Design patterns

ECMA LogoI read a lot of good resources on JavaScript design patterns. I decided to put together all good resources I will find, for further study. I will add trough the time others and others to the list.

First of all, I would like you to offer to download ECMA Script 5.1 specification, which you can download from my web site as well. You can find a lot of resource on JavaScript on web, but I believe, that the main source of your informations and first place where you start to find answers for your questions should be official JavaScript standart (ECMA Script specification). Download it here:

General resources on JavaScript Design patterns

How did DoJo impress me?

Dojo toolkit logoI tried to find great library for writing an mobile gis web application. First option was Google Closure, just because I worked with OpenLayers library before, and new generation of OpenLayers – version 3 – is going to be written with Google Closure library. Because of lack documentation, tutorials, books on this topic, I searched more. I found it! DoJo toolkit. More

OpenLayers tutorial – build custom OpenLayers file

What is the problem?


Build custom OpenLayers file! The current stable version of a Leaflet JavaScript library (Leaflet 0.6.2) has only 119.7 kB. (Leaflet is accordint their statement: “a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps”.) The current version of a OpenLayers library has 770.1 kB. May be You’re asking: So what? More