How did DoJo impress me?

Dojo toolkit logoI tried to find great library for writing an mobile gis web application. First option was Google Closure, just because I worked with OpenLayers library before, and new generation of OpenLayers – version 3 – is going to be written with Google Closure library. Because of lack documentation, tutorials, books on this topic, I searched more. I found it! DoJo toolkit. More

OpenLayers tutorial – build custom OpenLayers file

What is the problem?


Build custom OpenLayers file! The current stable version of a Leaflet JavaScript library (Leaflet 0.6.2) has only 119.7 kB. (Leaflet is accordint their statement: “a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps”.) The current version of a OpenLayers library has 770.1 kB. May be You’re asking: So what? More