Google Closure? My first thoughts…

Google ClosureYesterday, I learnt something new about Google JavaScript library called Google Closure. Oh, no! Not really, because I learnt everything what I know about Google Closure yesterday and today. So I will share few thoughts about it. If you know something about this set of tools, you can share you things, experience, so on… with us on the bottom of the page. More

JavaScript. pattern and antipattern


I am reading great article, or I should say book. It is called Essential JavaScript design pattern. I learnt great stuff about how to write code. Currently, I am working on project, where I need to know little bit more about JavaScript.

JavaScript Pattern

In everyday life we have a patterns for most of things. We know how to brush our teeth. We know how to shower (hopefully), we know how to clean the dishes, and so on, and so on. It is possible that a lot of people have different way doing those things, but most people have their way doing things. Every time they do it, it is done same way. More